Monday, April 8, 2013


   Many people have beliefs about things they should not do or eat when taking medicines. For this reason they may stop taking a medicine they need.
   In truth, no medicine causes harm just because it is taken with certain foods-whether pork,guava, oranges, or any other food. But foods with lots of grease or spices can make problems of the stomach or gut
worse-whether or not any medicine is being taken. Certain medicines will cause bad reactions if a person drinks alcohol.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some advices for teens

Adolescence is flower of your life,so you should take good care about succes in your futur, 
you should folow some essential habits...
HealthFFirst will give you some healthy tips in order to ensure,happy life,without any anxiety problems:

  • you have to find convenable recite between material life (job,shopping,tv...) and spiritual life
 (help people,prayers...)
  • health depends on your confidence, the more you able to overcome your own problems,and
 the more you healthy 
    Adolescence is the most complicated period which is full of conflicts (psychological)  between 
your desires and cultures,so you must to focus on your  life objectives's,and to ignore impurities 
which can destroy your aim.And harmful  influence on your healthy.

these three tips and more, will be discussed in futur post and thanks.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

La nouvelle pharmacopée populaire

     La médecine populaire a toujours utilisé comme médicaments toute une gamme de produits naturels d'origine végétale,animale et minérale.
bien que plusieurs remèdes traditionnels soient tombés dans l'oubli et que les hoptaux aient pris une grande importance,cela n'a pas complètement supprimé le recours aux guérisseurs et aux rebouteux. Cependant,si la médecine populaire avait créé tout un système thérapeutique basé sur certaines analogies qui existent entre les phénomènes naturels et le corps humain en tant qu'élément de la nature (soigner le chaud par le froid et inversement par exemple), on remarque aujourd'hui l'apparition d'une nouvelle pharmacopée qui,appartement, ne repose sur aucun principe.
   Plusieurs produits de consommation courante ont été détournés de leur destination primitive pour rejoindre le rang des médicaments.Parfois ces produits sont empruntés directement à la pharmacie moderne, comme c'est le cas de la pommade ophtalmique et de l'aspirine: la première est conseillée par le guérisseur
contre  les coliques; le malade  dilue un ou deux grains de pommade dns un verre de thé chaud et avale le tout. L'aspirine,broyée,est appliquée sur les furoncles.
Si ces deux médicaments sont à la poetée de tout foyer,on reste perplexe devant l'utilisation de certains produits qui ne sont pas de consommation courante et sont
de surcroit interdits par la religion comme la bière censée venir à bout des pellicules du cuir chevelu.
Le reste de la liste est composé de beaucoup de produits ménagers comme l'eau de javel,utilisée pour soigner les yeux et les oreilles ; le savon en poudre ,pour les blessures ; le grésil, pour les hémorroïdes ; et enfin la pate dentifrice,pour les brulures. Rien ne semble expliquer le recours à ces produits
si ce n'est, et ceci n'est qu'une hypothése, leur utilisation quotidienne et la transimission de l'expérience de bouche à oreille par les ménagéres. Mais comment justifier l’utilisation des disques (micro sillons) en fumigations contre la migraine et le mélange du coca-cola et du lait concentré contre la diarrhée?
on peut signaler aussi le lait en poudre (le lait américain) qui sert plâtrer les factures au lieu du traditionnel henné, et aussi l'huile brulée des voitures (l'huile de vidange) pour soigner le teigne...
   D'autres produits naîtront avec le temps et viendront "enrichir" cette pharmacopée avec tous les risques que cela comporte.Il serait stupide de parler de génie populaire là où il faudrait plutot parler de médecine du pauvre.
    Mais on ne peut que constater la naissance d'une pharmacopée qui est comme une dîme payée au "modernisme"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Advice for today

   Do not wash your hair every day. Many people wash their hair regularly but it is not good for hair’s health. By washing your hair every day can steal essential oils of your hair, resulting in dry scalp and dry hair. It is preferable to wash your hair every 3-4 days. Apply hair conditioner after washing your hair if your hair is already dry.


   Colds and the flu are common virus infections that may cause runny nose, 'cough, sore throat, and sometimes
fever or pain in the joints. There may be mild diarrhea,especially in young children. Colds and the flu almost always go away without medicine. Do not use penicillin, tetracycline, or other
antibiotics, as they will not help at all and may cause harm.
+ Drink plenty of water and get enough rest.
+ Aspirin or acetaminophen  helps lower fever and relieve  body aches and headaches. More expensive 'cold tablets' are no better than aspirin. So why waste your money?
+ No special diet is needed. However, fruit juices, especially orange juice or lemonade, are helpful.
For treating coughs and stuffy noses that come with colds.
WARNING: Do not give any kind of antibiotic or injections to a child with a simple cold. They will not help and may cause harm. Sometimes signs of cold are caused by the polio virus, and giving the child an injection could bring on paralysis from polio.
      If a cold or the flu lasts more than a week, or if the person has fever, coughs up a lot of phlegm (mucus with pus), has shallow fast breathing or chest pain,he could be developing bronchitis or pneumonia. An antibiotic may be called for. The danger of a cold turning into pneumonia is greater in old people, in those who have lung problems like chronic bronchitis, and in people who cannot move much. Sore throat is often part of a cold. No special medicine is needed, but it may help to gargle with warm water. However, if the sore throat begins suddenly, with high fever, it could be a strep throat. Special treatment is needed .

Prevention of colds:
-Getting enough sleep and eating well helps prevent colds. Eating oranges, tomatoes, and other fruit containing vitamin C may also help.
-Contrary to popular belief, colds do not come from getting cold or wet (although getting very cold, wet, or tired can make a cold worse). A cold is 'caught' from others who have the infection and sneeze the virus into
the air.
-To keep from giving his cold to others, the sick person should eat and sleep separately-and take special care to keep far away from small babies. He should cover his nose and mouth when he coughs or sneezes.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

The importance of humour in life

  Humour really  has an essential  role  in every body's life because of their several  benefits. Humour can change our life style to a better situation,because humour will make every part of our life better.
Besides,when we laughing , we will surely live in the lightet side of life , as the proverbs says " laugh and the world laughs with you,weep and you weep alone".
Secondly, another benefit of humour (like watching C.F) is to forget daily problems with others because laughing can make you  happy than ever before.

  Moreover, humour is the best way to avoid may illness because humour is considered as a remedy for both body and soul,to sun up life without comedy isn't worth living.

By HealthFFirst