Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some advices for teens

Adolescence is flower of your life,so you should take good care about succes in your futur, 
you should folow some essential habits...
HealthFFirst will give you some healthy tips in order to ensure,happy life,without any anxiety problems:

  • you have to find convenable recite between material life (job,shopping,tv...) and spiritual life
 (help people,prayers...)
  • health depends on your confidence, the more you able to overcome your own problems,and
 the more you healthy 
    Adolescence is the most complicated period which is full of conflicts (psychological)  between 
your desires and cultures,so you must to focus on your  life objectives's,and to ignore impurities 
which can destroy your aim.And harmful  influence on your healthy.

these three tips and more, will be discussed in futur post and thanks.

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