Sunday, March 3, 2013

Preparing for emergencies

   The chances of you or a loved one surviving an emergency are greater if you are prepared.Here is
an example. Suppose your sister runs into the house and says she has just been stung by a bee.She is
crying,her arm is swelling,and she faints. What do you do? you call.When the paramedics arrive, they
begin asking you questions about your sister's medical history. Has she ever had this reaction to bee
stings before? is she taking any medicine?Does she have chronic diseases such as diabetes or asthma?
Does she have any allergies? could you answer all of these questions for each family member
in an emergency? Most of us couldn't.That is why it is best to keep a record of important health facts
for each family member.
   Fill out the following medical record chart for yourself and any family members  you would like and store
them in your health note book.

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