Tuesday, January 8, 2013


1. Be careful with whom you have sex: Someone who has sex with many different persons is more likely to catch these diseases. Prostitutes are especially likely to be infected. To avoid infection, have sex only with one faithful partner. If you have sex with anyone else, always use a condom.
2. Get treatment right away: It is very important that all persons infected with a sexually transmitted disease get treatment at once so that they do not infect other people. Do not have sex with anyone until 3 days after treatment is finished.
3. Tell other people if they need treatment: When a person finds out that he or she has a sexually transmitted disease, he should tell everyone with whom he has had sex, so that they can get treatment, too. It is especially important that a man tell a woman, because without knowing she has the disease she can pass it on to other people, her babies may become infected or blind, and in time she may become sterile or very ill herself.
4. Help others: Insist that friends who may have a sexually transmitted disease get treatment at once, and that they avoid all sexual contact until they are cured.

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